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C E S Htrading (Pty) Ltd
pharmaceutical products

Pharmaceutical products – more commonly known as medicines or drugs – are a fundamental component of both modern and traditional medicine. It is essential that such products are safe, effective, and of good quality, and are prescribed and used rationally.

CESH Trading (Pty) Ltd aims to assist in the distribution of vital medicines to countries in need of the products.  We are very much focused on the aid needed in impoverished countries and will act as the mediator between supplier and distributor in order to gain the best possible trade agreement.

Countries in dire need of medicines first world countries generally take for granted include:

Sub-Saharan Africa—many of the countries in this area are some of the world’s most impoverished.  People are unable to afford basic medical care and as a result there is an unnaturally high death rate as a result of malaria, cholera and other curable diseases.  

CESH Trading (Pty) Ltd is also involved in the distribution of other health products around the world which promote health.  Products presently unknown to various parts of the world.


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