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C E S Htrading (Pty) Ltd
Current Trade Projects

The following trade enquiries are examples of projects currently ongoing.  Should you have any queries regarding any of them please feel free to get in contact.  We also have a comprehensive list of trade contacts who are constantly looking for various commodities.  If you have a product you wish to sell, we may already have the perfect partner waiting to hear from you.


We are always looking for serious trade partners with whom we can build successful relationships of mutual benefit to all parties.  We take every enquiry seriously.


Buyers Wanted:



We have a confirmed and reliable seller of BLCO for serious buyers.  We offer contracts on TTT, FOB and CIF basis only with occasional SPOT offers.  Please

contact us immediately for more information.  We put you in direct contact with seller’s mandate to discuss your requirements.  



Sellers Wanted:

Russian D2 Gas Oil:

Min 50,000mt Max 5,000,000mt


LNG GOST 5542-87:

Min 50,000cub Max 1,000,000cub


Mazut 100 GOST 10585-75:

Min 100,000mt Max 1,000,000mt


Mazut 100 GOST 10585-99:

Min 100,000mt Max 1,000,000mt


CST-180 Fuel Oil Russian:

Min 100,000mt Max 1,000,000mt


Alternatively, if you have a potential business opportunity and are looking for the right partner, please get in contact with us.  We will welcome your enquiry.  Please take a look at our Areas of Interest for a full spectrum of services we can offer.


call  +27 (0) 76 205 6516

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Aviation Kerosene Grade 54 Jet Fuel:

Min 100,000mt Max 10,000,000mt


Gasoline 93 Oct - Russian Origin:

Min 100,000mt Max 1,000,000mt


Gasoline 89 Oct - Russian Origin:

Min 100,000mt Max 1,000,000mt


REBCO GOST 9965-76 / 51 858-2002:

Min 4,000,000bbls Max 60,000,000bbls


LPG 50% Propane/50% Butane mix:

Min 4,000,000bbls Max 60,000,000bbls