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petrochemical products

Crude Oil is a commodity which is in demand globally and traders are always on the lookout for new opportunities.


With both China and India growing at breakneck speed, it's hard to see how supply will ever be able to keep up with demand across a whole range of raw materials.


CESH Trading (Pty) Ltd currently have sellers of crude oil based on Libya and Angola actively seeking new trade opportunities.  Large oil wells which are capable of handling large quantities as required.  


Black Gold, AKA Coal, the subject of great contention of late (as in lack of supplies to Eskom) is currently the fastest growing source of energy in the world.


It also happens to be the most abundant and widely distributed fossil fuel and is still the primary energy source for countries, notwithstanding a big comeback of nuclear energy.


Two of its chief uses are power generation and steel manufacture.  South Africa with its low sulphur (ecologically less impact) coal is in the fortunate position of having reserves of both coking coal (steel) and thermal coal.


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8th MENA Olefins & Polyolefins
09-10 Nov



17th APS (Asia Petrochemical Summit )
20-21 Sep Singapore


JatrophaWorld 2010
06-07 Oct, Rotterdam

2nd Middle East & North Africa Refining
12-13 Oct




13th VOGP (Vietnam Oil, Gas & Power)
28-29 Oct