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Investing in Gold, silver & precious metals

Gold has a long history of being mankind's most precious metal.  But modern mainstream opinion has generally seen investing in gold as the preserve of doomsters and cranks.  Not any more. 

Gold has nearly tripled in price since 2001, when it was at $260 an ounce.  So. Is the bull market in gold over then?

We don't think so, for two simple reasons.  Firstly, an increase in demand—for gold jewellery in expanding Indian and Chinese markets, and for gold’s many uses in technology.  And secondly, in these uncertain times, investors will be returning to gold as a “safe-haven” investment—especially with mounting concerns about record U.S. deficits and value of the dollar.



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The Steel Commodity Market

Steel, unlike other commodities, is found in every corner of the world. Nearly every market sector depends on steel-housing, transportation, utilities, and more.

Without steel we wouldn't have vehicles, energy plants, grocery stores, or desks. Steel is the unsung hero running our markets, economies, and households.

Steel doesn't trade on a standard exchange like other commodities. The price of steel is regulated based on real-time supply and demand-not futures markets speculators. As a result of trade imbalances, the price of steel fluctuates to accommodate price discrepancies-also known as arbitrage.



The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret to outward success.

Henry Ward Beecher