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C E S Htrading (Pty) Ltd
mediation & facilitation

CESH Trading (Pty) Ltd facilitates negotiations between potential sellers and buyers where either the buyer or seller does not want to be directly involved in the transaction, preferring a mediator to take care of all the administration and legalities of the venture.  Or where the potential business partners require an unbiased mediator to facilitate the negotiation process.


In this instance CESH Trading (Pty) Ltd will take care of the whole negotiation process from beginning to end.  


STEP 1 Initial business negotiations will begin by introducing the potential business partners to each other and discuss the details of the services required. In cases where the client does not want direct involvement, CESH Trading (Pty) Ltd will act on behalf of the client.


STEP 2We ensure all parties are agreed upon a basic structure to deliver the venture


STEP 3 The legal advisors and lawyers of each party can then be consulted after all parties are agreed upon the basic structure for delivery.




step 1
step 2
step 3
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legal requirements


The main functions of legal advisors are therefore threefold, namely:


To make sure all legal requirements are met in order to make the opportunity viable


To ensure that the operations of the transaction progresses smoothly


To ensure there is no misunderstanding in the contract by either party

Setting up of legal contracts which are signed by both parties



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