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Selena Mitchell -

Managing Director for CESH Trading (Pty) Ltd, Selena started her career as a Forensic Scientist with the South African Police Service.  She spent 6 years investigation criminal cases before leaving South Africa to pursue a career in finance in the United Kingdom.

Selena gained very useful experience working for various companies stretching across a broad spectrum in the market place.  She played a major part acting as Finance Manager in setting up several companies and watched them grow to successful businesses.

Selena gained valuable experience in dealing with clients in the Middle East, Asia and as far as the USA .  She has a passion for business and a keen eye for an opportunity.

Selena is married to Herman, the chairman of the company and together, they are working on achieving their dreams.

Selena runs the CESH office in the Free State.  

You can contact her as follows:

Email:  smitchell@cesh.co.za

Tel:  +27 (0) 76 205 6516